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James Coury : UX Engineer @ Nike
Senior Software Engineer React Node.js Next.js GraphQL AWS James Coury JavaScriptJavaScript Developer & UX Designer

I have 10+ years of experience with CSS and JavaScript. I spent a few years as a dedicated UX designer before becoming a front-end developer.

Here is my currently preferred stack and most used skills My Coding Philosophy

I enjoy taking responsibility for reading between the lines of UX designs, accessibility, and project requirements and I strive for perfection in the work that I turn in. I am experienced in what a front-end developer needs to know to work well with back-end engineers and UX designers. Continually expanding my skills to include more back-end capabilities. I wake up early, stay up late, and I take pride in a job well done. I like work. And hard work is the most rewarding kind of work. My favorite thing to do on evenings and weekends is code and learn new things about coding.

In addition to the technical skills presented in this resume below, I'd like to first highlight some intangible skills that I find very important.



Currently working for Nike as an UX Engineer / Senior Software Engineer.

Mentor on Codementor

Experience with start-ups all the way up to Fortune 100 companies.

Front-end JavaScript DeveloperFront-end JavaScript Developer React / Vue.js

Passionate front-end web developer with skills in core JavaScript, ES5, ES6 (ES2015), ES8, staying up to date with ES.next, cssnext, stateofjs.com, stateofcss.com, cssdb.org, the JavaScript spec, React, Next.js, Redux, MobX, Webpack, Parcel, Babel, Flow, TypeScript, Jest, ESLint, JSON, Ajax, Async, Rest API, HTTP, HTTP/2, _LoDash, D3.js, Node.js, Express, Git, GitHub, Grunt, Gulp, REST, GraphQL, AWS, yarn, npm, jQuery, and APIs.

Exposure to PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, Heroku, Docker, Go, and Python but these are not my highest level skills. I'm just scratching the surface of back-end programming.

Expertise in front-end UI development.

Full-stack UX Designer

Ever-learning UX designer with experience in responsive design, mobile UX design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, Axure, and well versed in CSS3, HTML5, Sass, Animations & Transitions, Grid, Flexbox, and Stylus.

Veteran UX thinker, researcher, and designer with over 12 years of hands on experience. Expertise in the areas of online commerce and Internet marketing.

Has worked at small start-ups with less than 5 developers as well as large Fortune 100 companies with 10,000+ employees.

Very hard worker who knows the importance of customer service, teamwork, attitude, energy, and personality.

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Undergraduate Education

What I Do Best...

My strengths are UX and front-end architecture with modern React apps.

Over the past few years I've been really enjoying React, Next.js, Prisma, GraphQL, Jest, yarn + npm, Webpack, Babel, ESLint, Prettier, AWS, Flow, TypeScript, CSS Grid and Flexbox, D3, and SVG animations.

I use CSS3 including animations, styled components, and advanced Stylus (or Sass). It is my preference to create or contribute to an organized company styleguide with re-usable components and grids. I am familiar with CSSnext, Glamorous, Emotion, CSS Modules, PostCSS, Atomic CSS (ACSS), OOCSS, SMACSS, and BEM.

I stay up to date with the spec and release cycles of JavaScript. I like learning and implementing new design patterns. And I'm capable with asynchronous callbacks, promises, thunks, generators, observables, and CSP channels. Another area that really piques my interest is WebRTC, Web Sockets (socket.io), and HTML5 APIs.

My passion is building responsive web applications with clean modular organization and componentized reusable code. In addition to a solid build, I use advanced tooling and automation, ensure the best possible user experience, and re-iterate until the design is pixel perfect, the experience is smooth, and web performance is optimized.

I really love teaching others as often as the opportunity arises and "speaking" JavaScript and advanced CSS.

The topics of team productivity, style-guides, code review, testing, innovation, user experience, accessibility, and documentation are important to me.

I spend my free time tutoring HTML, CSS, JavaScript and tinkering with SVGs, animations, and D3.js for responsive and stunning data visualizations.

I'm primarily a front-end developer but I will never stop learning and growing so I enjoy studying Node.js and I would love to eventually become proficient at a language like Go, Clojure, or Python. I feel like I've spent the past 5 years keeping up with JavaScript and all the exciting transitions in the front-end landscape. And now I finally feel well rounded and cutting edge. The next 5 years I plan to spend a lot of free time learning more backend and computer science.

I have worked quite a bit on the front-end of apps using AWS and Docker on the back-end. I have experience architecting React apps with server-side rendering (SSR) in Node.js and also Next.js. I have some experience making server-less React apps using Firebase and AWS.

I do have experience building modern web applications NOT just websites.

My Favorite Books

Soft Skills

Continued Education

Computer Science / Full-Stack Development

React / Next.js / SSR / Redux/MobX / React Native / GraphQL / AWS / Firebase

Vue.js / Nuxt / Vuex

JavaScript ES5 / ES6 (ES2015) / ES7 (ES1016) / ES8 / { ...ESnext }

Node.js / Express / Hapi.js

CSS / D3.js / SVG / Animation

UX Design, UX Research, and Graphic Design




Fundamentals of Responsive Web Development

Soft Skills

Development Examples

Design Examples

javascript software engineer

javascript front-end web developer react, node.js, vue.js, d3.js

Work Experience

UX Engineer / Senior Software Engineer - Current Position

Nike - Portland, OR

May 2015 - Present

I work on the small UX Engineering team. Across our team we use Stylus, React, Next.js, Webpack, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, Git, etc. My team works across UX development and front-end engineering on www.nike.com and www.nike.com/snkrs.

"As a front-end developer, James was always eager to take on challenging problems and find creative solutions to them. He is a great collaborator and teammate, and I would love to work with him again."

Katie Boyd - Senior Web Developer at Nike

"I worked with James Coury when I was at Nike as an intern and he was a lead web developer on the SNKRS web team. During my ten weeks at Nike, no one took me under their wing and showed me the ropes like James did. He's a detail oriented programmer that is very passionate about writing good code. He studies avidly to keep up with the constant changes happening in the industry and is always striving to better himself whether it be physically or mentally. He has a great work life balance and he is someone I personally admire a great deal. I would love to get a chance to work with him again in some capacity."

Aidan O'Malley - Web Developer at Nike

My start-up contract experience is below.

Front-end Architect for a Start-up Company

Spotlight Parking - Boston, MA


I built a React + D3.js + Firebase app for a start-up and I was the first front-end hire to architect the front-end, build out Webpack, Babel, ESLint, etc. I worked directly with the CTO from the first line of code all the way to production.

Lead Front-end web developer React, Vue.js, UX Senior JavaScript Front-end Web Developer

Other Start-up Experience


  1. Lead Front-end Engineer (first front-end hire) for React + Redux + SSR social media application with Java + AWS + Docker on the back-end
  2. Front-end Engineer (second front-end hire) for a React + D3.js + MobX + TypeScript insurance data visualization application with Java on the back-end.
  3. Front-end Architect for a Vue.js file management machine learning application with Python + Docker on the back-end.
  4. Lead Front-end Engineer in charge of overseeing migration to AngularJS for an eCommerce application with Java / Node.js + SQL / SQLite on the back-end.

Front-end Web Developer / Software Engineering Skills

Related Internet Marketing Skills

Just before I became a UX designer and web developer I was an online marketer. I created an online marketing campaign that generated over 5 million dollars in sales. I did all of the copywriting, ads, landing pages, and email software automation.

Accomplishments and Interesting Personal Facts

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React Engineer
Experienced Front-end JavaScript Web App Developer and Aspiring Full-stack JavaScript Developer
UX Designer
Software Engineer

HCI Human Computer Interaction, Information Architecture, UI Designer, Web Developer, UX Researcher, Software Engineer, Sr Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Lead, Lead UX, Lead Front-end, Lead React, Lead Frontend, Fullstack, Full-stack, Frontend, Front-end, Angular, Vue, Vue.js, React, Node, Node.js, Graphql, Axure, Accessibility A11Y, Senior UX Architect, ES5, ES6, ES8, ES2015, ES2016, ES2017, ES2018, ES2019, ES2020, ECMAScript, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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